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DAYDREAMS - dreams that change the world. Brocard 2021

Fantasies and dreams help distract from everyday worries and give strength for new achievements.

New collection DAYDREAMS BROCARD - reminder that the world around us is beautiful and limitless.

Crystal Peony - delicate flower buds and green foliage, the embodiment of the fragile beauty of nature.
The composition opens with the fresh sweetness of bright citruses and juicy berries. Floral accord in the heart
aroma is balanced with woody notes, and musky trail envelops light haze.

Silky Grass - resembles the rustle of the wind in a warm the sun on the grass and the running of the clouds across the endless sky. Bitter orange, lemon zest and black freshness currants at the beginning of the composition are replaced by a chord jasmine and the spice of tobacco, cardamom and mate tea. In the trail - cozy woody notes of cedar and green oak moss.

Flame Orchid symbolizes inspiration and opening up new horizons. Transparent aquatic accord combined with fragrant apple and spicy orange liqueur enhanced by the exquisite aroma of roses and the finesse of the orchid. In the train - warming notes of moss, nuts and amber.

Star Flower is a reminder that there is always there is a place for romance. Bright combination of grapefruit notes and tangerine energizes the composition. In the heart aroma of citrus intertwined with jasmine sambac and exotic pineapple flower. Tonka bean train, sandalwood and vanilla makes the aroma softer and more comfortable.

Water Ivy - memories of light waves on the surface of the lake and walks along a forest stream. The composition opens with the astringency of bergamot and the velvety sweetness of a peach surrounded by green notes of silvery ivy.

Black Tulip - long walks and dreams about the most intimate. Apple-citrus accord at the beginning of the composition refreshes. Creamy and coffee notes warm the heart of the fragrance.

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